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Product Descriptions

It is taking a bit longer than expected but the job is nearly finished. We have about 90% of the descriptions written and we will move most of those over in the coming days. 

More Products.

 We will soon be finished adding the rest of our product lines, another 50 items including covering film,carbon fiber (strips, tubes and rods), landing gear clamps, wheel collars and a few other things. During May we hope to be able to add  .15 Needle Valve Assemblies, .021 flying lines and Tank Straps.


The people we had making our venturis for us are not able to make any more so we are looking for another supplier. With a little luck we will have a fresh stock of venturis to suit the ASP S15a (Blue head) and we hope to add sports venturis for the ASP .25 engine as well. After that we will start looking at some for larger engines in the ASP engine range.

Fuel Shut offs.

We are hoping that the first of the Fuel Shut Offs will arrive in the next few weeks.

Fuel Bottles.

We have fuel bottles. Recently we sent out a half dozen fuel bottles for testing in the field. If all goes well they will be listed soon.

Many Thanks - Wights MA.