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To all our valued customers who have provided us with such positive feedback.
Your comments are most appreciated.

Regrettably we are only able to list just a few of the hundreds of comments we have received.
Thanks to all. - Lindsay & Bronwen.


Well Lindsay. Your stock selection is great, service is excellent. Products are all first class. Your business is a delight to deal with. Internet ordered items are always delivered without delay. Thank you for great service to CL.

Steve - NSW. 2443.

20th Sept 2018

Thank you again for your availability, and your kindness. I believe we will soon have other business together.
Andrea - Livorno. Italy.
31st Mar 2018

Thank you for the (part postage) refund and also the great service.
Dave - Qld. 4340.
29th Mar 2018

Thanks Lindsay.. much appreciated.

 Terry - NSW. 2204.

28th Mar 2018

Many thanks for your prompt attention in placing my order.
Terence - Qld. 4557.
26th Mar 2018

Thanks for all your help. You are one of the few hobby shops in this country worth their salt. It is a pleasure dealing with you.
Ned - SA. 4557.
18th Oct 2017

... the service level I have received is exemplary ...
Terry - Vic. 3030.
22nd Jan 2016

Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to contacting you again.
Neale - Qld. 4073.
23rd Mar 2016

Great service. Will recommend your company.
John - Vic. 3820.
7th Apr 2016

Great service from Wights yet again.
John - NSW. 2170.
18th Mar 2015

Thanks again. Pleasure doing business with you.
Jeremy - NSW. 2006.
16th Feb 2015

Couldn’t believe the order arrived at 9-30 am this morning, thanks for that.
Don – Vic. 3901.
21st Aug 2014

Thanks Lindsay for the excellence service which I can recommend to other/s
Reg – Vic. 3103.
05th Feb 2013

Thank you for your excellent service. 
Peter – Qld. 4108
23rd Sep 2013

Looking forward to doing more business in the future 
Terry – Tas. 7250.
2th Oct 2012

Hello Lindsay, everything arrived as ordered, thanks a lot.
Joel - NSW. 2609.
14th Dec 2012

Hi, I'm a first time customer, heard you're pretty good. 
Justin – Qld. 4405
21st Feb 2011

One C/L er To another.
Bill – USA. 63123
13th Sep 2011

Your reply has been great, thank you so much. thanks for your quick delivery and help
Glenn - Vic. 3221
11th May 2010

Thank you for your efforts, patience & constant helpfull responses.
Bruce – NSW. 2150
6th Sep 2010

I am really thankful for all info and the prompt replies!! 
Caleb - S.A. 5162
19th Oct 2009

thanks again for the fantastic prompt service
Leigh – Vic. 3037 
24th Nov 2009