Cox Collection - A Rare Opportunity

20 Cox Engines: New and never been run, making them pristine and valuable. Each engine is boxed and securely displayed within its own compartment. This careful presentation ensures their condition remains excellent.this widget to input text into the page.







This collection includes a mix of:

*Standard Glow heads: These are essential for powering glow engines. 

*High compression heads: These enhance engine performance.

*Diesel heads: Used in diesel powered engines

*Adaptor heads: These allow compatibility with different types of fuel and configurations




Owning this collection isn't just about acquiring mechanical components; its about reconnecting with childhood memories and sharing stories. These engines represent a slice of aviation history and offer a unique opportunity to relive the past.




At $3,000 this investment is not only financial but also a chance to keep the vintage models soaring.

If your're passionate about control line modeling and appreciate the nostalgia of cox engines this collection is perhaps for you..