Wheels & Landing Gear

Wheels: When looking for control line model  wheels make sure they are appropriate for your model's size and weight.  Opt for lightweight foam or plastic wheels to minimise overall weight. The right wheels will maximise smooth takeoffs and landings.

Landing Gear:  Basic landing gear can consist of a single (stiff) wire (product MW5-S or MW6-S)or rod that extends from the fuselage to support the wheels and is suitable for general flying and practice.

Landing gear strips and clips: Securely holds the landing gear wire in place to prevent accidents during flight

Profile Landing Gear: Are designed for specific models due to there design and takeoff and landing requirements e.g. widely space wheels for stability  or sitting close to the fuselage to reduce drag and allow minimal ground clearance. It really depends on type of model, flying style and personal preferences. We hold profiles for 38 Special, Vector 40 and  the Shoestring models.

If new to building seek advice from experienced flyers and builders at your nearest Control Line flying club or explore online forums.